Wolf Creek 2

John Jarrett revisits his role as Mick Taylor in the follow up to the 2005 hit Wolf Creek.

Where that film was served up with a hard R from the OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification), despite a bigger body count this film finds itself scraping in with an MA rating.

This is in part due to a change of tone, Taylor this time around seems more like a caricature, his un-PC barbs delivered in a cartoony manner, who like Freddy Kruger, we as an audience are expected to root for as he goes about his murderous ways.

It’s a sad indictment on this country, yet admittedly every Australian knows someone a little bit like Mick, maybe not the sadistic sociopath side that likes to play “Aussie Quizzes” and grind fingers off for an incorrect answer, but certainly the redneck who cares naught for polite society and is unabashed in their racism. Perhaps that’s made the first film such a hit in the first place?

Wolf Creek 2 borrows heavily from better films and despite some competently staged high octane chase sequences, it’s as stale as the bodies left to rot in Mick’s lair. Where the film could have tried to have an original thought, essentially it’s more of the same, sans the overtly graphic torture porn of the first film.

The ending is particularly weak, whilst the film’s opening scene features some of the worst acting I’ve seen on screen in years. Mick Taylor is a great character, a chilling reminder of the darkness at the heart of this country, it’s a shame that he’s so poorly written here that bringing him back to the big screen for a second outing seems like a waste of time.

Two stars