The Girl on the Train

Adapted from Paula Hawkins’ bestseller The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller framed against three (interlocked and overlapping) female protagonists. Emily Blunt plays Rachel, a lonely woman whose life has collapsed since the end of her marriage.

We watch her in a tailspin, booze-hounding and black out drunk.  Every day on her commute she watches Megan and fantasises about the apparent stranger’s seemingly perfect life, two doors down from the home Rachel shared with her ex-husband Tom, who is now living there with Anna.

Despite director Tate Taylor’s choppy point of view shifts, Blunt’s commitment to her role elevates the material; the slow burn reveals the cause of her addiction to be both inner and outer torment. Successfully shifting the geographical location of the source novel from a London Midland commuter train to upstate New York, it may be Gone Girl lite, yet still worth a look.

Three Stars