You know the story right?
Good cop gets critically injured in the line of duty, evil multi-national conglomerate see chance for dollar signs and rebuild him; part man, part machine.

Having ballooned from a modest $60 million budget to a whopping $120 million and counting, RoboCop 2014 is every bit a studio film hoping to reboot the franchise.

Despite a solid supporting cast that includes: Michael Keaton back on the big screen as OmniCorp CEO Raymond Sellars, Jackie Earle Haley (Rick Mattox OmniCorp’s military tactician), Gary Oldman (scientist Dr. Dennett Norton) and Samuel L. Jackson whose role as television presenter Pat Novak had me wondering when it was going to turn into a Bet365 advertisement.

The script is mundane but they work with it, leaving the weakest link in the cast its lead Joel Kinnaman as Officer Alex Murphy.

Despite some decent design work, one only wonders what the end product would have been like had Darren Aronofsky stayed on as director.

Two stars.