Don’t Breathe

Shot on a budget of 10 million dollars and with a simple premise: three thieves look to rob a blind man’s house. It would be easy to dismiss Don’t Breathe as stereotypical teen shocker movie.

Instead, in forgoing the buckets of fake blood he delivered in record numbers in 2013’s Evil Dead remake, director Fede Alvarez has constructed a first rate cat-and-mouse thriller entrenched in a sense of dread.

While the film does manage to subvert a number of genre cliches, it still suffers from poorly written protagonists. However, once the heist begins, steadicam shots track through every nook and cranny of the blind man’s house alongside excellent sound design; with each creaky floorboard or unsuppressed breath ensuring tension remains high.

At 64 and still bulked up from Avatar Stephen Lang delivers a solid performance as the blind man, his frame cutting an intimidating figure. Don’t Breathe will be sure to please horror fans and thrill seekers alike.

Three Stars